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Welcome to another Anime Reviewed special Katimusha Review … ok that seems a little off so how about this welcome fellow anime fans to another Katimusha review courtesy of Anime Reviewed. Today we will be Reviewing the Super Special Dragon Ball Z 2008 Special or whatever its called I assume that’s the name. Ok it has another name which is Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!! but i didn’t want to use that. Oh yeah since this is the Rambling section I have to let you guys know that yes the site is messed up and yes it messes up for everyone even me. I bet you guys are wondering when it will be fixed well thats hard to say Biggity is indesposed at the moment so you will have to put up with the dreaded -1 of annoying Anime Reviewed errors. Also I am still on the lookout for that banner so whenever someone decides to do it you wont hear me complain anymore. There is a Anime Reviewed Video site which is located obviously enough at video.animereviewed.info . Lets see is there anything else that I should know about oh yeah Momo has posted some stuff so check it out because it is very helpful.110 Katimusha Reviews: Dragon Ball Z 2008 Special


Here is the description from Wiki so i dont have to write so much stuff dont worry this is pretty much official the names are a bit different though:

Based on an original concept by the original author Akira Toriyama, the story, set shortly after the defeat of Majin Buu, pits Son Goku and his friends against a new, powerful enemy.

This special introduces four new characters: Abo and Kado red and blue aliens wearing battle fatigues similar to Frieza’s army, one tiny yellow alien, and a young Saiyan child who vaguely resembles Vegeta named Tāburu. Though very little about the plot has been revealed, Table has arrived on Earth, being pursued by Avo and Cado.

Some of the names are different in the Shonen Jump sub version but its not like you guys will really remember these guys anyways.

111 Katimusha Reviews: Dragon Ball Z 2008 Special


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